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  • Dimensions: 105mm x 148mm

    Material/Quality: Premium 330g Paper, High-Quality Prints

    Design: Original Handmade Illustrations by Natallia Bushuyeva

    Packaging: Craft Fleck Envelopes, Cellophane Display Bag, Sturdy Envelope for Safe Delivery

    Printed by: © MOO Print Limited, UK


    "You & Me" Postcard with Whimsical Hedgehogs in Love

    Ideal for romantic messages or adding charm to decor, this postcard suits all ages. Display it on your desk, wall, or in framed spaces for a unique and enchanting touch.


    Enjoy up to 35% off with multiple card purchases – a smart way to save on both cards and postage!

    'You & Me' Postcard, Whimsical Hedgehogs in Love

    4,20 €Price
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