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Hello and welcome to my world!

I am an artist living in Paris with my dear husband and our curly six-year old daughter.

My artistic talents started at a young age under the influence of my granny for whom painting was a favourite pastime. I can still remember the feeling of excitement as I was sitting beside her and marvelling at the way she was drawing.

I was born and grew up in Belarus in a small town surrounded by lakes and forests,the beauty of which affected my imagination and gave an impetus for my future creative work.

I chose the career of an architect because it was a serious and creative profession. On graduating from the institute I worked mostly as an interior designer for many years. Curiously, most of my projects looked like illustrations for fairy tales.

The decisive turning in my bio happened after the birth of my dear daughter. She opens to me fantastic world of joy, bright colours and rich imagination that only children have. She inspires me. She takes me back into my happy childhood. I like watching her emotions and different tricks she is playing. And later I am trying to show all the aspects of children’s behaviour in my paintings.

My dream is to illustrate books for children and make them feel happy in this world.

My other passions are travelling, taking photographs and collecting picture books.


Thank you so much for stopping by!


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