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Natallia Bushuyeva Photo

Hello & step into my whimsical world!

I'm an artist in Paris, navigating the chaos of life with my husband and our nine-year-old  curly. daughter.

My artistic adventure started in Belarus, surrounded by lakes and forests that made my imagination jump through hoops.

After dabbling in the serious world of architecture and interior design (my projects often looked like sets for fairy tales), the real plot twist came with the arrival of my daughter. She's my tiny muse, unlocking a world of joy and color that only kids seem to grasp. I watch her antics, get inspired, and try to capture those childhood shenanigans on canvas.


Designing picture books and cards isn't just a goal for me - they're my secret weapons in the ongoing battle against grown-up seriousness.

When I'm not chasing artistic dreams, I'm navigating maps in pursuit of travel adventures, snapping pics, and hoarding picture books like a collector on a mission.

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