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  • Dimensions: 105mm x 148mm

    Material/Quality: Premium 330g Paper, High-Quality Prints 

    Design: Original Handmade Illustrations by Natallia Bushuyeva

    Packaging: Craft Fleck Envelopes, Cellophane Display Bag,  Sturdy Envelope for Safe Delivery.

    Printed by: © MOO Print Limited, UK


    Set of 6 Postcards with Adorable Hedgehogs illustrations. Each postcard offers a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate birthdays, express love, send best wishes, convey miss-you messages, and express gratitude. They make for an original and personal gift, adding a touch of warmth to your office desk or living room decor.

    Set of 6 Postcards with Adorable Hedgehogs

    22,00 €Price
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