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My secret of clean sketches

Draw clean sketches- it is easy!

I start to draw from a very rough sketch...

Usually I draw on an ordinary 80g paper for printers.

This paper is rather thin. So, when you put a new clean paper on the top of your sketch - you can still see a little a bit of your drawing.

When I am happy with the rough sketch, I scan it

I clean the image in Photoshop, removing unnecessary elements

I change transparency in layer setting to 15-20%, and then print the image on a regular 80g paper.

I draw on the top of the printed image: Here I can still see the lines, but they are very light. It allows me to draw with confidence, and without loosing the original energy of the sketch.

I scan the ready image, clean the drawing in Photoshop, and add some contrast with levels.

Here some more sketches with the wolf...

and why not to have some fun with additing GIF animation?!

You can see, that my sketches are not clean from the beginning... Sometimes, 10-20 pages go to the waste, before the good one comes out.

Good luck and let me know, if you found my post useful!

Thank you for popping by!

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