My secret of clean sketches

Draw clean sketches- it is easy!

I start to draw from a very rough sketch...

Usually I draw on an ordinary 80g paper for printers.

This paper is rather thin. So, when you put a new clean paper on the top of your sketch - you can still see a little a bit of your drawing.

When I am happy with the rough sketch, I scan it

I clean the image in Photoshop, removing unnecessary elements

I change transparency in layer setting to 15-20%, and then print the image on a regular 80g paper.

I draw on the top of the printed image: Here I can still see the lines, but they are very light. It allows me to draw with confidence, and without loosing the original energy of the sketch.

I scan the ready image, clean the drawing in Photoshop, and add some contrast with levels.

Here some more sketches with the wolf...