Quick Tip: How to Easily Remove the White Background From Scanned Sketch Drawing.

This is a scanned drawing. Usually I scan it with 600 DPI to have a larger size of the image

With the help of "Levels" (Image/ Adjustments / Levels) I adjust some contrast and make the background white. I also use Eraser Tool to clean the parts of the image, that I don't like.

Now the drawing is clean.

I would like to use this dog on different backgrounds, and for this I have to remove all the white part of the image.

I found a great tool "Magic eraser" what works perfectly in this case!

The eraser in one second took away all white! BUT!

When I chek the image on a dark background- it does not look nice....:(((((

After many different trials I have found a good solution!

I use black Color Overlay ( Layers /Layer Style/ Color overlay) to create nice black lines:

So looks the image after the adjustments:

Now I create separated layers and fill selected areas with white color, and I also use brushes for shadows.

All the layers have different opacity: 40-65%