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February 6, 2018


Dear friends, here I would like to share with you my experience of creating a greeting card at online art school „Make art that sells“.

The task was to create a card, featuring Christmas cookies.

At first, following the task, I draw cookie from Internet


I used watercolour ink Colorex Pebeo and white gouache. Wishing to have contrast image, as on real photo, I was not very happy how the white gouache dissolves in brown surface.


Inspired by warm cookies colour, I draw some other cookies, using now yellow watercolour ink and golden calligraphy ink from Winsor Newton. I love reaction between watercolour and calligraphy ink because it gives unexpected flow results.


Now I took pigment liner (Staedler 0.1) and draw different New Year trees that I could use in my final piece.


 Snowman and Gingerman characters


Here I tried to put my line and watercolour drawings together...

I was not happy with the result and tried to draw cookies in watercolour again.

I was pretty satisfied with a dog version, but I wanted something more colourful and festive.

So, I started from zero. I picked in Internet pictures with cookies,

and I started to draw them, using this time pencils (Faber-Castell)

Now I  created my own version of Santa Claus.


 Here are the three principal background versions.

 And this is my final version.

This was a long way from first sketch to the final piece, isn’t?


I hope I liked my post. Feel free to ask me questions or to comment, which piece you liked more.


PS. This card was made for the stationary project at MATS B online course  with Lilla Rogers (


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Paris, France