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Eleanor. Character development. Step by step story.

I have done these illustrations during an online course “Illustrating Children’s Books” with Lilla Rogers and Zoe Tucker. ( The illustrations were made, based on a funny story about a little girl with an extraordinary imagination, she wanted to have a pet and about the problems that came with it.

Eleanor wanted a pet... But not an ordinary one. She wanted an Elephant! Giraffe... Here some first ideas, how she could look like...

I tried to work in different techniques...

Number 3 has been chosen. Here is my first Eleanor!

Sketching Eleanor. Looking for a right shape.

Color versions.

Color has been chosen: orange and blue! Eleanor and her emotions.

Eleanor has original character, but she needs to be more sweet...

Here is a new Eleanor, final version. She is sweet and quirky!

Eleanor. Poses.

You can see the complete final version of this project here:

This project was done in 7 weeks (5 weeks of the online course, and 2 weeks, working on changes). I really enjoyed this class. The teachers were great and very inspiring. The Facebook group was also very open and helpful. Thank you to everybody, who made this journey with me.

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